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Waste Paper
Stock Lot
Paper Machinery

Kraft Grades:

  • NDLKC - New Double Lined Kraft Cuttings
  • NCC - New Corrugated Cuttings
  • KCB - Kraft carrier board
  • OCC - Old corrugated cartons
  • DSOCC-Double Sorted Old corrugated cartons
  • Steel Mill Kraft with Oil
  • Steel Mill Kraft without Oil.
  • Multi wall bags

De-Ink Grades:

  • CBS - coated book stock
  • MWL - manifold white ledger
  • SOP - Sorted Office Paper
  • SWL - sorted white ledger

Pulp Substitutes:

  • HWEC - Hard white envelope cuttings
  • HWS - Hard white shavings
  • SWS coated soft white shavings
  • Poly Cup Stock
  • Envelope Trimmings

Groundwood Grades:

  • ONP old newspaper
  • OINP Over issue newspaper
  • News and Pams
  • Magazine Trimmings
  • Publication Blank

Specialty Grades:

  • White Soft Tissue Waste with or without Cores.
  • White Wet Strength Waste.
  • White Steel Mill Kraft
  • Manila File Folder Waste
  • PWE – Plastic Window Envelope
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